Saturday, March 19, 2022

Texas Trip 2: Day 1


So, today Kerry and I made our return to Texas.  It took a lot longer than we thought it would...almost 5 years.  This time we brought Kerry's sister Kelly and her husband Greg.  It was a busy day flying in and then we directly drove via rental car to our cousin Sheila's house to meet her fiancee Shawn.

Tacos aren't just a comfort food.  It's the language of love.  And that is what I feel for these people.  Oh, and they provided tacos.  They are getting married in October and we are discussing how we can get back to attend.  We were a bit a bit late getting there as we can't trust our GPS at the moment.  It was great to see Aunt Karen, Uncle Sonny, our cousin Kendall, her husband Adam, their sons Luka and Maverick and a bunch of baby goats (Bonbon and Milkdud)!

We made our way from there to our AirBNB but had to go look for wine and Tito's to stock up.  We found out that hard alcohol has specific places you have to go for it (it's not like Vegas in every 7-11 and grocery store.)  Found the wine and will have to try tomorrow to find Tito's.  I don't want to have to drive to Austin tomorrow (where it's made) to get it.

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