Thursday, July 07, 2022

Home Sweet Texas


 Thankfully, Jake only had to go #1 as there was a no dumping sign nearby.  But this is our stop near Lake Belton when we arrived.  Nothing notable happened in Lubbock other than a quick rest and return to the road.  Our AirBNB is in an area called Morgan's Point, north of Belton where Sonny and Karen live.  The roads there meander in the rural area which I didn't see a single yard fence.  I think there was a reason.

It is hard to call this place anything but beautiful.  The inside is stunning and perfect for our 1 month adjustment to the area and transition to Nolanville.  So far everything is looking good on that front.  Speaking of front's, check out that deer on the right near the porch.  This area is swarming with them and, yes, they are protected.  Below is what the yard looked like in the afternoon.

They also hang around the back, outside the windows.  This house is actually a few streets off from that first house we almost bought.  I didn't know when we heard about the deer that it would be this much of a part of living there.  Nice area though.  I'll throw a few more photos in as well but right now it is time to unpack and arrange things for the next few days.

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