Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Team Identity

I always found it interesting when a new coach comes to a team and says, "We are working hard to build our team identity."  I was late coming to my passion for football and phrases like this always had me scratching my head.  Did they not have an identity, know who they were or decide to change their identity?  I can see how teams known for great defenses, especially given names like Purple People Eaters or Orange Crush, can see this as important.  But I also see a lot of similarities here with our political landscape.

As I said, I was late to football.  I became a little bit of a fan at the end of my high school years because I would see my stepfather screaming at the television during games and wanted to understand.  I would later find out that my father was a football fan but never really talked about it (usually putting a bet in on a game here and there.)  Of course, I would find this out after I had become a fan of his rival team.  Usually, those things are passed down though and changing would feel traitorous.  During these early days, a loss hit hard.  I remember being frustrated enough that I'd just want to curl up and sleep the feeling off.  Sure, it didn't help that it was a team that would have over a decade and a half of bad years to come but you stay with your team.  You actually identify yourself as a (insert team) fan and tell friends, "We lost a close one last week.  If only we could have got the ball to (insert playmaker.)"

So, why do I see a tie to politics here.  Well, there are isn't...well, not just one.  Let's start with identity and what team you are on.  Politics has become a team sport and, if you become active in it, you will have to pick a team (or two.)  A lot of those "teams" take a stance or allow another "team" to take a stance which places them on the other side of that issue.  So, your "team" may be for something but against others... kind of like a football team has a great running back but no quarterback to get the receivers the ball.  The defense may have holes here and there too.  Changing "teams" can easily brand you a traitor.  I was on one such "team" until a few years into college.  As a matter of fact, it could be said that I had another football team as a child because of a Vikings jacket that I was given for Christmas one year (and I have no idea who gave it to me) but never watched a game until years later.  Identity is important.  Isn't it funny how both major parties identify themselves with animal mascots like the elephant and the donkey.

I have never personally voted for anyone that won a presidential election.  It could be that I'm on a losing "team" or that I'm not a "team" player.  I believe the last few elections have also been about identity.  In 2008, I was asked in by a union leader what I thought of their choice to back Clinton or Obama.  I said that, at that time, there was a lot of baggage with the former.  That year was a record voter turn out and many said that they identified with the man because of his race and what having a black president would mean about our nation.  Opposing team differences with his policies were viewed as a problem with his being black.  A friend of mine told me that if a woman ever ran for president, she would vote for her.  A lot of women this year identified with Clinton.  It didn't help that her opponent put his foot in his mouth when talking about women or when old footage of him sharpened that view.  Ads pushed that image and were awarded with a few different reactions: fear, indifference, anger or a sense of over-reach.

Did identity politics affect the vote?  It speaks more to the post-election climate than votes.  The counties that flipped in key states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that previously would have gone to her were struggling economically and are believed to see a continuation of current policies and new regulations on coal as unbearable.  My friend didn't vote for her despite her earlier resolve.  She believed that she wasn't the right person to represent the gender in the office for the first time due to ongoing legal issues.  Sometimes a coach isn't right for a team.  Sometimes changing coaches every year or two isn't the answer either.  You make a decision there based on the personnel you have or you keep your coach and change your personnel (which can take time.)  It is easier viewing this from the outside because, I said, my team has been bad enough not to make it to the big game for a very long time and my "team" isn't a major party.

Maybe these major "teams" need to build or change their identity.  (I wonder what the Green, Independent, Constitutional or Libertarian animal mascots would be.)  But, I guess, there will be plays in the future for the first Islamic president, first Hispanic president, first gender neutral president or first bisexual president as real issues get ignored.  There is despair out there.  Fear inspired by the ads during the election and mixed with a few organizers have brought some unrest on the streets.  Pain and division of those "teams" don't look to heal soon.  I can only hope that we can put something decent on the field.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Silver And Black Possibilities

I was going to go on a long diatribe about the history of the Raiders moving and the desire to have a stadium without a dirt in-field and unpainted concrete walls.  It just doesn't seem right.  What is weird is having a carrot dangled in front of you.  Just the idea of my team moving to my town is a bit crazy.  Think about it yourself for a moment.  Let's just say that your favorite team (which has a long history but problems with a current and foreseeable business dilemma) mentions where you live as a possible landing spot.  I admit to a lot of denial early on.  With the roller coaster the team has been on with moving, it would have been worse if I got excited about it.  But, I guess things are looking good.  We are hours away from the vote by the NFL owners on the relocation.

Having a good season made for an exciting year as a fan but also to see the excitement of my wife and son is priceless.  I even saw the Mrs. tear up when Derek Carr broke his leg.  Yet, it's even more interesting to see local football fans come to the realization that they could have games come to their town.  They could have something that brings the city together.  I have even heard several talk about a 'Las Vegas first' emotion taking over where they will always pull for a home team win despite being a Cowboys, Steelers or Packers fan.  Pretty crazy.  I guess, it will be an interesting day.  No matter how it goes, it is amazing that it has even become possibility.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Why, How And The Road Less Travelled

Heard of an interesting way to look things earlier today that is still rattling around in my brain.  Those that work for someone know "how."  Those they work for know "why."

Why something so simple runs around in my head, I don't know.  It could be my son's search for a job.  Sometime soon, he will be one of those that knows "how."  Think of all the job's you've had and what you learned there to carry out what was expected of you.  That's a lot of know how.  I still make pizza the same way I did at my first job and look at photos and lighting the same way I did when I worked in a photo lab.

And then there is the "why."  To get a job, you don't care about the "why" right away... you just want to get paid.  After you know the "how" sometimes you stray over and start asking the "why" but that starts encroaching in on the boss' territory.  Some focus so much on it that they start ignoring the "how."

Oddly enough, if you have a better answer to the "why" than the person you work for, you will move on and improve upon that model.  When a young Sam Walton had a better "why" than his boss James Cash Penney (yes, J.C. Penney), he built a better beast.  John Lasseter's better understanding of "why" than his Disney executive bosses took him on an amazing journey.  Lasseter was terminated from his job, he brought that "why" to Lucasfilm creating Pixar... and it would be acquired by Disney 22 years after his termination.

What does it all mean?  I see people often questioning the "why" of things while working on the "how" side of the business.  There are times that I do as well.  But, I also know that a "why" is often not worth voicing unless solicited.  Well, unless I have the next Walmart or Pixar on my hands.  Who knows?  Maybe my son will.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Month To Remember

Note to self: Today was a crazy day and caps off an unbelievable month.  So, let's say it here that October 2016 needs to be recognized here on out.  Martin, when you think something is impossible, that the burdens you carry are too heavy or that you aren't worthy of what you have because of your past...remember this month.

Some clarification for readers: I had two great conversations this month that have given me a missing puzzle piece.  Perspective is like that.  When you are missing it, you feel incomplete.  You are drawn to that spot.  You may even resume searching for the piece at strange moments.  So, I am sincerely thankful and humbled.  No more searching.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Sky Was All Purple...

It is a classic line and yesterday it ran through a lot of brains.  How does one moment define you?  Although the song "1999" wasn't Prince's first hit, it was the first single associating him with the color purple.  Then "Purple Rain" came and reinforced it... along with a movie and some colorful pseudo-Victorian attire.  That moment in time associated the man with the color.  Very strange.

I was contacted yesterday and reminded that I would have been neck-deep in research and song selection for an episode of the show focused on 'the artist' if I was still doing the show.  I would have also been doing so for David Bowie a little bit ago.  I actually miss it and love the research as much as the presentation.

I guess, the hard part about defining ourselves by something, even for a short time, is that we can let ourselves become a template.  Kind of like cookie dough filling in the area of a cookie cutter, we will never be more than that shape until we ditch or change the cutter.  Ending the show was a moment to reclaim the rest of the dough.  Some artists do that to avoid being stereotyped (search MC Hammer Funky Headhunter for kicks) and, heck, a lot of people would like to confine an artist to being defined by one hit single.

Today is a day to remember that you are more than your public perception, definition, color or greatest achievement.  Unless, you happen to be happy with that.