Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Art Of Apology

It is rather funny how easy it is to openly congratulate someone but when you set yourself up to do that you also have to know how to let them down. The contest is going great. Right now, I'm still getting emailed the contest entries for the first set of box sets that ended ohhh... about 25 hours or more ago. As easy as saying "first one to the finish line wins," I'm finding it difficult to say "I'm sorry but you didn't win." Maybe that could be a personality issue of mine. I guess it could also be like giving out slices of pizza to friends and running out. You feel bad that they didn't get any while someone that was there just a bit sooner did. I guess everything is based on time as well as luck and that you have to accept it.

I'm probably just in a deep thinking mood because I got 4 hours sleep and have another short night before heading off to work. I think I'll go pass out listening to this nice new Seal 'best of' and hope to avoid dreams of bad Batman films.

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