Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gifts To Come

I figured that the secret will be out soon so I might as well spill it here first. The surprise I mentioned that I have in store for subscribers to the 80's Nuts newsletter and listeners of the 80's Nuts Update this week will be a few contests. I have several copies of Duran Duran's latest box set, The Singles 1986-1995, which I will be issuing out. Great little boxes that contain 14 CDs (all in little covers just like the original singles but smaller) containing 82 tracks featuring the singles and original B-sides to the singles (live tracks, non-album tracks and remixes.) Haven't decided how I'm going to give out the ones via the newsletter just yet. I figure that I'll throw a secret word in a few of the 80's Nuts Update segments of which the first email I get containing the word wins. Might be the only way to make it fair. I'm sure that I'll find some way to give out the other boxes in the newsletter but just haven't thought of it quite yet (I have until what... Monday?.) All I know is that I wish I was able to do this with the first boxset also. I still remember a friend of mine making me a tape of all the B-sides from Duran Duran's early singles and throwing it on a tape with some Pseudo Echo and Psychedelic Furs tracks. Phil changed how I listen to music and let's be thankful for that!

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