Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Block The Vote

This being the day we vote to keep what's most precious to us and to change what we believe needs help, I find myself reflecting on minor political issues. I don't discuss politics much in my writing because I am a firm believer of keeping my opinions out of the news (yes, I'm one of the few unbiased ones.) The only thing I found upsetting this year that maybe I didn't notice in the last few years was the push to get anyone who can vote to vote. Why does that upset me? I am from Nevada which is one of the states rated lowest on funding for education. Reminded of this, I think about all the people that have been asked to register to vote (by the Rock The Vote or Vote Or Die campaigns) that don't have an opinion, haven't looked into issues or are getting their information from a single source. I think it's alright if you are choosing between chocolate or vanilla but not on the course of a country. So what I want to get across here is that Nevada needs to increase their education funding for many reasons... one of which is so when someone asks them to register to vote, they can say "I'm already registered and considering my vote, thank you." So have a great night and may the outcome be the best for all.

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