Saturday, March 05, 2005

That Isn't Supposed To Be There!

I was at home one night on the computer and had something like a charley horse feeling in my groin. I actually thought that I twisted my right testicle. But over the last few days, it wound up developing into a lump. Now, I've only had one surgery in my life (I don't count stitches) and it was to remove my fingernail and repair the nailbed after breaking it in a door. Tonight, I decided to go in and find out what the lump was. I figured that if it was bad that I'd like to catch it before I lose a testicle or something. It seems that I do have a hernia there. The bad part is that my job requires heavy lifting which can't be done with a hernia (causes further tearing and intestinal exposure) and would have to be limited after the surgery. So I'm going to be off work for a little bit so it's a good time for me to consider the redesign of the 80's Music Central website. I'm going to have to find some templates and mess around. But I'm sure all will be good and I'll be back on my feet shortly.


Teri said...

I am relieved that it isn't something serious. You know I am an equal opportunity stressor :)Maybe this is a sign that you should look into other employment options?

Unknown said...

Couldn't you have put this off to closer to the NFL draft?

Martin said...

I tried to put it off. B) I still have those days off work but now it's going to be a very interesting month. Good thing that I got my tax return before this. Might not be able to lift bags for awhile even after surgery. And I do have an employment escape plan in the works but it is a matter of timing right now and I'm 6 months too early.