Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Brother, Matthew

Didn't get to post this yesterday as it was a busy newsletter day but here it goes. Yesterday was my brother Matt's birthday. He's there in the picture in the red sweater and also in the tux with his wife on the far left. He turned 32.

As I think about it, I've had 32 years of memories with him making it one of my longest lasting friendships. I've always felt a weird connection with him. Both of us were slapped plenty of times in church for just looking at each other at the wrong time and bursting out into laughter. (Yes, the wrong time is when the pastor says, "This is my body, eat from it...") As sporadic and cautious that I am, Matt is equally more focused and sure. Just him being around pushed me to be better. I don't think he'll ever know how proud I am of him.

Before starting the newsletter, I ran over to pick up donuts. I remember during weekends that Mom would usually pick up a dozen from Winchell's as we went to the tennis courts. I had a flashback of myself looking through the glass with my siblings as they each picked a few to go in the dozen. I remember Matt always picked the maple bars, glazed twists and cinnamon rolls so I made sure to get a few of those. They were out of what I like but yesterday wasn't about me. (I'll talk about those another day.) I then proceeded over to his office (which is oddly enough just a few blocks away from my house.) An hour flew by quickly and it seems several people brought him goodies (two batches of homemade rice krispy treats, a bottle of alcoholic beverage and tons of email.) As I left, I was thinking that I really need to spend more days with him like this. Happy Birthday, Matt.


Bar L. said...

Happy Birthday, Matt! Sounds like you have a great friend in your brother :)

So -which one are you?

Matt said...

It sounds like an awesome relationship. We should all be so lucky.

LoraLoo said...

Look at how cute you all are in that picture! I've never seen you with bangs. ;)

Being an only child I am bewildered by sibling relationships. If I had siblings I would only hope for such a great relationship.

Ken said...

Well, Happy Birthday Matt!

I have a close relationship with my sister, not unlike yours with your brother. The major difference is that she lives on the other side of the country.

When she was out here in February, it was a little odd because we didn't get to spend any one-on-one time or time just Amy and I with her and her husband. I have a feeling that visits will be different now that Mom and Dad are here as well. We just need to make sure to get that time in. Life is too short.

New White Keds said...

The relationship sounds wonderful; everyone should get to experience that. My sister and I are not close by any means, and I would definitely not say she inspires me. I wish you and Matt at least 32 more birthdays to celebrate together. Happy Birthday Matt,and good for you Marten for realizing what a gift you have in him.

Jenn Doll said...

My oldest brother is 32, I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. He doesn't like me right now, but he'll get over it.

My other brother is 350 days older than me. We're the same age for 6 days. Yeah, mom and dad were busy. We're pretty close and it's only recently that I actually "talk" to him. As in tell him stuff and look for advice. When we're out in public together is when we fight a lot. So, usually I just try to kick back at his house. It's better that way.

Your relationship with your brother sounds awesome. Happy be-lated birthday, brother!

Martin said...

Thank you all for the nice posts. Oh, and that's me on the left of the picture. Probably the best photo that I've ever taken.

Teri said...

I know this is a little late, but happy birthday Matt!