Thursday, April 20, 2006

Juggling Unknown Variables

Ever have a project you need to do but are given very few details in an area well outside your working knowledge? Ok, I have two of these that I need to address before the 29th. These chores deal with the new job starting in June. I'm figuring that putting them down will help me shake loose an idea or two... or someone else nudges me in the right direction.

1) The new business coming to town need an office. The boss is hoping for something in the 1,000 sq. ft. range and in the Summerlin area. I know very little about offices, leasing and even his plans for the space. But, I told him I'd "keep my eyes open." (Yes, I think I piled the dirt on my grave with that statement.) The only things that I can think of are driving around and writing down addresses with phone numbers at decent locations. Now that I think about it, it might be worth talking to Mom about these things as she leases out airplane hangars.

2) A soon-to-be co-worker will be moving to town with his family and will need to find a rental home. Again, details are fuzzy here. I don't know how many rooms but know he is looking in the Summerlin area also (stay close to work etc.) So, I've been hoping to pile up information on houses to rent but I haven't seen any good magazines in town. I have considered emailing the link for the Review Journal (local paper) website so they have something more to go on.

Either way, both the boss and the co-worker are due in town on the 29th and I'll need to show that I haven't ignored the tasks. Meeting them that day is also going to be interesting. NFL Draft starts that morning, my brother's birthday party (held later to also celebrate his sister-in-law's birthday) starts at 3 pm and I'm supposed to have dinner with the new boss and co-worker later. Should be an interesting day. Think I'll give Mom a call and pick her brain on lease/rental properties.

Update: Mom gave me some great leads on the lease property. She goes in for her multiple hernia surgery tomorrow. I'm going to see if I can drop in on her when she gets home later that day before I go to work.


Kyria said...

Ken should be able to give you the name of a good realtor that can help you, too. I mean, he is buying a house and all. :)

Matt said...

What about a property company? One of those places that just has a bunch of office space all over the place to lease. Good luck with your mom's surgery.

LoraLoo said...

I hope Mom's surgery goes well!

I did a google search on 'rental homes in las vegas' and got quite a few hits. There's always a realtor to help, too... might save time with the searching and the paperwork part.

Bar L. said...

Praying for your mom.

Martin, your the right man for the job or they wouldn't have hired you. It will all fall into place - keep us informed!

Teri said...

How did Mom's surgery go? Is she doing ok?

I agree, get a realtor or call a property management company. At least they are looking in the Summerlin area, which is not very far from you.

New White Keds said...

Hey, Marten, I know a GREAT 3 bedroom townhouse just outside of Summerlin that might very well be available for renting. Not sure yet, but my place might be available!

I too have a friend moving a business here and asking me to help with locales. I too told him I would keep my eyes open. Let me know what you find, and I will do the same.

Since the Manns were a common thread proving what a small world it really is, how weird would it be if we had the same friend bringing his business here?

New White Keds said...

Follow up: I hope your mom is doing well and that she is back up and doing dandy soon.

And, you can call a place called Housing Helpers if you get desperate. They specialize in rental real estate. Ask for Mike, and he will take care of you, or your frined for that matter.

Ken said...

There are a ton of resources out there for finding rental property. Realtors are good, but they will only look for houses in the MLS. The Rental Section of the RJ is good, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, craigslist has a ton of postings. A friend of ours has two houses in Amy's development and she's found her tenants that way.

Consider finding a commercial realtor for the office space. Sorry - I have no value to add there.

Hope Mom is doing OK.