Friday, August 11, 2006

New York Vacation - Day 2

Our second day in town was a little more normal. Having unwound from the flight and settled in for the night, we scouted the surroundings. Dad and I headed over to the gym for a workout while my brothers recovered from checking out the local pubs (this would happen all week with myself and at one point Dad joining.) While the boys slept, we found a supermarket and picked up some goodies. We brought Mike and Matt there later to pick up some lunch. We would later find a deli on 7th that we'd keep going back to because of the service (and they made fresh juices which Dad would pick up... carrot, beet and celery.) Pictured is the back of Mike's head.

It was time for us to get ready for Tony Bennett's 80th birthday party held at the Museum of Natural History. Yes, I know a few people would like me to post photos of myself. You are in luck. I actually let my Dad handle the camera (which he really seemed lost doing.) This was taken with you in mind as I was getting ready for the night.

So, off we went to the party. Right before it started, I had the munchies and tried a slice of Ray's Pizza. I was told this was the best pizza in town and had to try it, so I did. Not bad. Ok, anyhow, the party was attended by 250 people. Many of you would know the names: Robert DeNiro, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Bruce Willis, Harry Belafonte, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Donald Trump, Katie Couric, Alec Baldwin, Congressman Charles Rangel... lets just say there were a lot of them. Matt and Mike spent quite some time with Travolta and Preston. Very nice people. Dinner was amazing (ok, the appetizer wasn't as it was an antipasti plate) as it was my first taste of veal milanese and saffron orzo followed by an assorted gelato and sorbet plate dessert. Here are a few pics from the party (one with Elvis and one with Dad.)

Yes, I tend to avoid taking photos of myself but I couldn't resist getting one with the creator of one of my favorite albums, Spike. After leaving there, Dad returned back to the hotel and I went to join Matt and Mike for a few drinks. It seems they have more than one place called Tonic (Tonic Bar & Grill and Tonic -- the nightclub.) I wound up spending $40 in a cab going to a very seedy part of town only to find out that the were at the much closer Tonic Bar & Grill to the hotel. The telephone directory only listed the nightclub. We walked back, grabbed some food and turned in for the night.


Teri said...

Great story, I find myself waiting to hear about day 3 now. I am surprised not only did you post 1 picture of yourself, but 3.

LoraLoo said...

I'm with Teri - I can't wait to hear about day 3! You are absolutely handsome in the suit.

A picture with Elvis! Fantastic. It sure looks like Matt Dusk there behind you, as well. It seems you had a great time at the party - and mixing with all those stars, I would have been so awestruck... I might have been completely frozen just seeing any of them! I can't wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, MARTIN! Seeing you all dressed up and looking so fine was a treat! Looks like you had a great time. Its so fun to hear all about it.

Lily said...

I'm still surprised to see you posted pics of yourself, and that they are still up. :)

Sounds like a good time was had in NY, meeting having your pic taken with one of your favortie performs must have been such a sweet moment for you.

Jeff said...

Wow, very nice pictures of you and Elvis Costello. That must have been an honor to meet someone so talented.