Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Voting 2006

Yesterday, I ran out of the house early to vote. I've recently heard how some people are opposed to early voting. Some believe that if you make your choices early that you are not getting all the information out there and are not hearing all of the message. I like to think that my voting a few weeks early counters the power of negative, mudslinging ads and lessens congestion at the polls during a later date. It's also a great way to force me to visit the mall.

The one thing that ticks me off most recently about voting in general is pressure from employers and associations to vote a specific way. I actually received a "2006 Employee Voters Guide" this year as well as a "recommended candidates list" from the union that I belong to. This got me thinking about how much pressure someone might feel to vote a specific way to keep their company in the black which may in-turn keep them employed. Sure, we've often heard about people voting their wallet. I've just never been reminded by two different sides as to which puts money in mine.


Anonymous said...

I agree...although the company I work for provides availability to "both" sides of issues and candidates from both parties. Knowing that voting Republican keeps me in my job, I am a Democrat at heart. I end up voting with my mind and vote Independent - don't see the sense in voting straight ticket like my parents and grandparents used to do.
Voting early - at the mall - I can't think of a better reason to vote early!

Anonymous said...

Its really a sad statement isn't it? We have the FREEDOM to vote, yet are pressured to vote a certain way "or else".

I don't even like to vote these days (but I do anyhow) because I often feel I am pickng the least negative of two bad options.

LoraLoo said...

Unions are interesting, aren't they? It's so... control freak.

I also dislike the taste voting leaves in my mouth. I never feel fully informed with the correct facts. It is like picking the least of all evils.