Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Classically Martin: Possum Dixon's For Your Love

I think you remember back before I picked up my iPod that I mentioned a quest of mine... the one to keep track of my favorite songs (one per band.) Well, since I've added them all to my iPod, it has made looking at them that much easier and I've decided to try to use technology to bring them to you here. So here's Possum Dixon's cover of "For Your Love." The song was actually a B-side to one of their singles and after I heard it... I had to hunt it down. Not an easy one to find but I think it's that mix of darkness (in the keyboards) and light (in the chorus) that kinda fits me. Just click on the little link there below to hear the song. Here's hoping it works on the first try.

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LoraLoo said...

Hey, that was cool! Took me a damn long time to open, but worth every bit. The keyboards threw me off a little bit, every once in awhile I kept thinking I heard a cell phone or pager somewhere else...

Fred said...

Never heard of it. But, I did like it.

Anonymous said...

LOVED that version and haven't heard it since I was a DJ in college! PD rocked!

Anonymous said...

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