Saturday, November 11, 2006

Classically Martin: Guadalcanal Diary's Always Saturday

It looks like this will be a monthly feature as well as our current reality-blog series Rock Star: Martin's Closet. My quest to bring you some of my favorite songs (no more than one by each artist) hits the beautiful "Always Saturday" by Guadalcanal Diary. I actually remember seeing the video for this one on MTV as I had taped an episode of 120 Minutes which also had videos for The Proclaimer's "I'm On My Way" and The Outfield's "Voices Of Babylon."

It could be that the video had a major effect on me as it showed a man going out to water his lawn on a sunny day (probably a Saturday) while the band sit back on their lawn watching. Slowly the ground begins to crack where he is watering... and out pops a smiling woman. She joins the man (having cleaned up) in watering the lawn as a young boy and little girl slowly grow from the ground. As the day comes to a close, the wife and kids suddenly have dirt on them again and return to the ground smiling. A lot can be read into this but I found it profound, painful and pretty.

Here's the song. Just click the play button on the player. You'll see it when you put your mouse over the icon. (Trying something different than CastPost this time.)

P.S. - These songs will be removed shortly as I in no way wish to infringe on the rights of the artist.


Matt said...

It could have symbolized the evolution of a relationship. Work in the beginning, things happen, people smile, kids, and then everyone goes back to dirt :) There is one thing that always bothered me about that video though. Why wasn’t he there when they went back in to the dirt? Could it be symbolic of emotional detachment? If that were the case, why would he do it all again the next day? Maybe after watering all day he needed to use the bathroom. Thanks for reminding me of this band Martin. You’re awesome!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the mom and kids are zombies. ;)
I never heard of the band before, or seen the video, and I watched a lot of MTV in the early 80's.

LoraLoo said...

I remember the song but haven't heard it in a very long time. I think I'll have to get that one to my IPod. :)

I never did see the video, but I like Matt's analysis of it!

Teri said...

I haven't heard the song or seen the video before. It does sound like a Buck Rodgers episode from the 80's where people grew out of the ground though.. strange :)

Anonymous said...

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