Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rock Star: Martin's Closet: Episode 3

After last month's episode we were contacted by the ACLU and notified that singling out particular shirts and noting their country of origin was in fact discrimination. We have sent our apologies to those that were sent home already but reminded them, "you didn't look good in the closet anyhow." With that little bit of nastiness behind us we move on to our 5 remaining contestants. Our contestants have been promised a second-chance photo shoot but the time in negotiations with the ACLU pushed that back until our next episode. When our contestants complained, we told them that two of them were leaving the closet this week... never to return. (We can be stern around here.) Now a reminder of our contestants:

Contestant 1: This is our only short sleeved contestant (we are not discriminating here so please no more lawsuits.) Might look good over a t-shirt.

Contestant 2: This one has been the most flashy even though the stripes might make Martin look wider than he is. Escaped a few vote offs so far.

Contestant 4: A little plain (even though it has that little emblem on the left chest) but hasn't been picking up many votes to go so far.

Contestant 5: This one's checkered past may be catching up with it. If only it matched with something.

Contestant 6: Still a little blue, no collar and a diagonal pocket.

Anyhow, as I said earlier, two of these contestants go home this week. So vote like normal (which one really doesn't deserve to be in the closet) and thank you for participating.


Ken said...

I'm voting for #6. That diagonal pocket is just too heinous.

Cathy said...

I'm voting #5 first then #2. They both might make you look "not good" because of the stripes. Just my 2-cents.

Teri said...

#6.. changed my mind at the last minute

RT said...

Well, I was going to say #2 must go... But then I got to thinking, it may actually look good on you.

I don't think it would be fair to disqualify any more contestants until we see them on your body.

Lucy Stern said...

I am definately voting for #2, but I want to know what happened to #3? did it disappear on it's own?

Lily said...

2 takes tops billing, but 6 is close behind.

LoraLoo said...

#6, definitely. That pocket still gets to me.

BeckEye said...


Bar L. said...

Its gotta be 2 and 6!!!

Sorry for calling the ACLU, but somebody had to do it.

Martin said...

Alright, according to your votes, contestant #2 and #6 will be folded and discarded.

Layla: I don't blame you for calling. The more I think about it... there were contestants from Pakistan and Korea that might have been judged unfairly for issues attributed to their countries.

Lucy: #3 was overwhelmingly voted off in Episode 2.

RT and Cathy: Then new photo shoot should address how they look on my. This should reward the final 3 for getting this far and show if they have what it takes to go back to the closet. B)

By the way, thank you all for your votes as otherwise, I would have left them in the closet. (I wonder how long it takes for them to gather dust in there.)

New White Keds said...

I rather liked number 2. Totally not a "you" shirt, which gave it some sense of purpose. Buit agreed, number 6 had to go.

Hope all is well with you.