Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your Official Invite

So, as promised, here is your official invite to virtually come to our wedding. The ceremony will be available to view on-line at approx. 3pm Pacific Time today and will be up for 30 days. Please follow these steps to view a wedding ceremony on-line.

All ceremonies will be broadcast Pacific Standard Time on our web cam providing the wedding couple has signed a web cam release. This will be verified prior to the start of the ceremony. If you are not viewing from home, but rather a place of business, please check your firewalls, which may prohibit you from viewing. You will need to have Windows Media Player on your computer. If you do not have this program, there is a free download available on our web site.

*Streaming or downloading a ceremony may take several minutes depending on whether you have a dial up connection or a cable modem. Log on to Click on Amenities located on the tool bar at the top of the screen. Select Wedding Chapel beneath the Forever Grand Wedding Chapel photograph, click on Services. Scroll down and click on the plus sign next to Webcam and click on the web cam link: Once you have reached the Cashman Professional link, you are able to view Live and Past wedding ceremonies by following the applicable prompts.

You will be looking for Martin Hennessy/Kerry Squire (if you didn't know that, you will have to sit wayyyyyy in back.) I better start getting ready. I think that I have less than 2 hours before I need to be there. Oh, the photo? We took that at a BBQ with her family.


Kath345 said...

I am setting my alarm for 6pm my time so I can watch!!! If for some reason I can't watch, know that I am there in spirit cheering you on, my friend!

Congrats to you! I hope you find the love and happiness you so richly deserve!!!!

Kath345 said...

OK I was there! Did you hear me whistling for you two? *clap clap clap* It was beautiful and you both look incredibly wonderful together!


New White Keds said...

It was beautiful! I cried and Ken and I could not be happier for the three of you! Mazel tov!

BeckEye said...

Lovely. I'm so happy for you. I'll have several glasses of champagne in your honor.

Ken said...

Very nice ceremony. I liked how the minister dude seem to know you guys and was able to bring David into it!

Unknown said...


maryrachel2 said...

Wow!! How hard was this to send a message to you?? Okay, I think I'm a member now. I wrote to tell you how much you are loved and how much Kerry and David mean to me, but when I tried to send it, it disappeared. Your super confused mother, who was late for the wedding, who got lost with grandma,, loves you so very much and wishes you nothing but years of happiness forever! Kerry, forgive me. You planned everything so perfectly. Congratulations.