Friday, April 25, 2008

Life Update 042508

Yes, 10 days is a little too long for me to go without a post. There have been a few things going on. Work on future projects. Work on current projects. And well... just overall confusion too.

First off, I need to say that I've very thankful for my two brothers-in-law. The weekend after we returned from the cruise, Kerry and I decided to move some of the good appliances from Casa de Hennessy West (soon to be called 'the rental') to Casa de Hennessy East. Greg (who is married to Kerry's twin sister Kelly) got roped into the deal and helped immensely as the washer, dryer and refrigerator were swapped between houses. The next weekend Cory (my sister's husband) gave up his Sunday night to help us move the bed, wine cabinet and a bunch of other things. (We were just happy to spend some time with him, Michelle and the kids.) So now all the major things are moved.

After moving the nice gas dryer and other appliances to Casa de Hennessy East, we discovered... no gas outlet in the condo. This meant that Kerry was taking our clothes to her mother's house (a few blocks over) to clean them while I did a little work. Her stepfather works for the gas company and teaches many of their employees how to install gas pipes. The thought of the task seemed overwhelming in scope but hours later he showed me a diagram and it clicked... solidly, as if I could do it in my sleep. The dryer is opposite the gas stove, so it meant changing an elbow joint to a T joint. Everything runs well (it's been checked for leaks) and, now, I just need to do a little wall repair.

All the moving isn't over yet. We now have a lot of duplicate products. The extras include: 3 televisions, 2 VCRs, 3 television stands, several phones and a bunch of kitchen products and other things. That means... garage sale on Sunday. Tomorrow night, we will head over there and sort through a bunch of things and set them aside for sale (with a planned post on, placement of some signage and a visit to the Mann's to get some stuff out of their garage.) All that doesn't sell will probably go to charity or in a storage unit during the following Sunday with the planned move of a very heavy player piano that needs to go to Mom's. (If you scroll down aways, you'll that see she replied to one of the wedding posts.)

Saturday is the NFL draft. The fact that it's been moved back to noon PST does not help. I'll be busy recording the show. (I'll probably have it on mute and look over my shoulder every 7 minutes or so.) Of course, this happens to be possibly the most serious episode of the show we've attempted. We will be focusing on AIDS this week. A lot of people forget how tied the disease is to the 1980s. We will play a few songs from several artists that lost their battle with AIDS as well as talk to a fellow 80's music fan that is participating in AIDS Walk New York 2008. A donation will be made in 80sMusicCentral's name and we are hoping to get a few other people to stop by her donation page to sponsor her with what little they can. If you would just like to lend her your support, you could also stop in the show's chatroom at around noon PST or call in (they put the instructions up there.)

So much that I'd like post about right now but I also have so much to do. I just couldn't leave you out of the loop too much longer.


LoraLoo said...

Wow, you're a busy man!

Ken said...

I ditto Lora's comment.

I am uber-impressed that you were able to install the gas outlet for the dryer. Way cool. I am not that handy.

While I feel a little bad for missing the NFL draft, I've never really gotten that into it. There is only so much Chris Berman and Mel Kiper, Jr. that I can handle. You and Lloyd are more into it than I am. I make do with the updates on and the post-draft analyses.

Glad to hear you are keeping yourself busy!

Anonymous said...


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Lucy Stern said...

Moving and married life can be very busy. I hope you get settled in soon.....