Friday, July 04, 2008

Shifting Days, Audio Steams and Pretty Lights

So the move to Friday started today. I just didn't give myself enough time to properly prepare (I usually spend the day before taking care of little stuff.) Thankfully, I took today off of work, allowing me a few more hours to catch up. The show tomorrow will just have more news than normal.

I need to figure out the best way to interact with guests while reciting the news. Usually, I'll throw a quick shout out or reply to the chat room as I'm running through the script. I'm going to try to break it up a bit more and use a marker to remember where I was and take a few more calls. We'll see what happens. Usually, I only take them at the end of the show due to technical issues. (The recorder I use on my side -- which is generally cleaner -- utilizes the audio provided from Skype from the call. But the in-bound audio stream and out-bound audio stream get an abnormal time-shift when the recording process finishes. Essentially, it comes out all fudged up making the clean audio useless.) I'm testing a new beta version of Skype this week that may fix the issue just prior to the July 26th episode. [crossing fingers]

Otherwise, I'm beat. Did have a fun time watching the kids Kerry's side of the family light fireworks. It just takes me back. Also the smell of burnt powder reminded me of the 'big wheel' fireworks that you were supposed to nail into a wood fence or tree. (That sounds pretty safe doesn't it... nailing something that is on fire to wood.) Yet, whenever we did it... the thing would shoot right off that nail and into some random pile of leaves. (Probably wasn't safe there either.) Good memories.


LoraLoo said...

Hey, I got my newsletter yesterday! :)

I remember being in TX for the summer and taking bottle rockets to the railroad tracks. Uh, yeah... that was safe. We didn't do any fireworks here last night but I did take a walk and smelt the burnt powder, it took me back too. Glad you got to enjoy the 4th with family instead of working!

Fred said...

D1 came home with a video of her holding fireworks as they were flying out of the darned thing. I went ballistic.