Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vampire Rights Amendment

Been running around with a bunch of projects that don't seem to want resolution. We shall see how that comes about. Moments from now, we will be replacing the water heater (oh, joy!) But, I feel like I went AWOL and wanted to remedy that and share something with ya. How well do you remember School House Rock and the "I'm Just A Bill" episode?

Well, it seems that the promoters for True Blood have paid homage in a little video. Enjoy.

Kerry and Teri had been enjoying Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries series for quite some time and from the covers of the books... they looked like really cheesy romance novels. According to them, they definitely made some changes to the source material when adapting it for HBO but I have to say that I'm enjoying it enough to consider reading at least the first one.


David Amulet said...

Haven't gotten into this series yet. Maybe I'll just skip the books and see the show.

Teri said...

How does that saying go... Don't judge a book by its cover.. :) I hope you read it.. Even Lloyd enjoyed the series.