Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coke, Is It?

I can honestly say that I failed the Pepsi Challenge over 2 decades ago.  I just like the taste of Coke.  For the longest time, I was a 2 20-oz. bottle-a-day Diet Coke drinker (yeah, caffeine.)  Anyhow, I don't drink soda anymore but this article saying that they've finally revealed the recipe for Coca-Cola got me thinking.  First, it's hard to say 'finally revealed' as they say it was found in a 32 year-old newspaper.  It's like saying, "We can finally reveal the winner of the first American Idol."  It happened, was covered and it's done.  But can the recipe be real?

I'm writing this to say that I'm doubtful.  Just a few problems with the recipe that includes at least 4 different oils and 8 oz. of alcohol amidst 2.5 gallons of water and 1quart and 2 pints of lime juice.  Not only do the oils (which would be a fat) not register on the label as even a less than a gram but at no point is alcohol listed on the label.  Here's one label below:

So, if this this recipe is false, it is blatantly so.  If it were correct, it could be an issue with mis-labeling the product -- which could be a lawsuit.  It also must be noted that the above label has to be an older one as high fructose corn syrup is the major sweetener used today.  Could that recipe, printed in a newspaper 3 decades ago, be a very early one that was discarded, changed and rendered useless by the time it was published?  Something to consider.

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