Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Day 2011

I do not know if I can legally say Super Bowl or not but I spent a great day with my wife, son, nephew and dogs.  We woke up around 6am and had cinnamon rolls and packed a few sandwiches for a trip.  There is a section of this massive hiking trail around Boulder City near Lake Mead and we decided to give that a try.  Our plan was to try to get a good 4 mile hike in (with the dogs) before heading back home in time for church.  We figured out the directions and despite leaving late got there just about when we intended to.  With two boys and two dogs in tow, my wife and I started our walk/hike.  But, we wound up going the wrong way.  It really wasn't a bad thing, though.  You have a great view of Lake Mead and half-mile markers to give you an idea of distance.  The dogs did great and spent most of the day sleeping afterwards.  When we got back, we prepared for church and the Super Bowl.

David is a little funny... ok, a lot funny.  He has his favorite football team and can barely remember any of the players' names.  Part of what I believed made me a bigger fan of professional football was fantasy football -- where you have an investment in almost every game and particular players.  This prompted me to create a Super Bowl fantasy match-up for the boys (the prize being bragging rights, 3 packs of sugar-free gum and a Star Wars Pez dispenser with 3 packs of Pez.)  For anyone attempting a two-person fantasy draft, it's important to balance things.  There is only one QB and one defense which means that when one is taken, the other is pretty much given to the other player by default.  The draft went well.  My nephew wanted the Packers to win the game and went after only Green Bay players.  David was more selective but of course would have many of the default Steelers players after losing the coin-toss but also grabbed wide receiver Greg Jennings of GB.  By the time the game started, Jakob told us that he thought he made a mistake.  His second pick, running back Brandon Jackson, was hurt and he forgot.  I conferred with the wife and then asked David what he thought.  I asked my son, "What would you want to happen if we found out that your other running back was hurt and not going to play the game?"  With everyone agreed, Jackson was replaced with Starks... until Jackson caught a pass.  I had to tell my nephew that changing players during a game was already a bit unfair but the player he drafted was actually in the game and his replacement player would have to be switched back.  I don't think he took it well.  When offered dinner at Olive Garden near half-time... he was outta here.  But, I told him that we'd still keep score and the winner would still be the winner.  David watched the rest of the game (and we'd have to keep reminding him when his player scored points or screwed up.)   Final total was about 53 to 25 (I didn't keep the sheets so we are guesstimating here) in my son's favor.  We even ran the points with the replacement player -- which only got the score 4 points closer.

But, I think this was a growing step for the boy as he watched everything but the half-time show (to play outside.)  Had a great time with the wife and it was a great day.  We passed out earlier than normal as well.  I'm sure that I had nightmares about replacement players.

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