Thursday, December 06, 2012

From Time To Eternity

The bonds of marriage really aren't like the ball and chain that they are made out to be.  Sure, I guess bondage and the binding legality of the ceremony can be confused.  One can even say that the bonds established bear greater further significance.  Remember that phrase "lawfully wedded" in the ceremony, you suddenly gain a whole 'other side' of the family that you append with the phrase "in-law."

At about 4pm on Tuesday, my sister-in-law Paula Stage-Squire lost her year-long battle with cancer.  I've done more praying in the last year than I have in the last decade with her being a primary focus.  She was a strong, intelligent and caring person of faith that people could rely on.  She was also the partner to a very good man, my brother-in-law Joe.  She loved her nieces and nephews immensely.  As you can see from the above photo, nature could easily be seen as the family backyard and they loved the outdoors.

I told my wife a little while ago that, if it weren't for what I learned from previous relationships, I would not have been good for her at all nor would I have appreciated her as much.  I have been made a better man by them.  People leave impressions and help shape our hearts through joy, pain and strife.  Paula did make us better people and all of our hearts are heavy at this time.  Today, she's no longer a sister-in-law but a sister from this temporary home.

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