Monday, December 03, 2012

Changing My Direction... Intentionally

Decided that it is worth making some life adjustments before throwing out a New Year's resolution -- as those really don't have a great track record for anyone.  Thanksgiving was a chance to give thanks for all that I have, have been given and have ahead of me.  That was the last stop before taking a detour to a better path.

When you grow up around someone that works out twice a day, takes his vitamins daily, has a physically intense 12 hour-a-day job and is always looking for a 'healthier' option, it is bound to creep into your psyche.  But knowing and practicing are two different things.  I have always been big on vitamins but, previous to this, I had gone with low carb and timed eating which worked together but didn't make much sense as a way to live long term.  I even decided to use a blender to mix smoothies using... well, we'll go into that another time as I have a video for that.  Although I felt good, portion control became an issue.  So I gave more than a glance to nutrient dense meal replacement products and found Shakeology.  It could sound like a quick fix but I'll explain that away in a future post but I can say that since starting it in October, I lowered my cholesterol 45 points, dropped a few pounds and have no issue with cravings.

So, the day after Thanksgiving, I went the Shakeology 3 day cleanse.  (Contact me here for details.)  Long story short, it is 3 days of restricted calories, 3 Shakeology drinks, some green tea, a gallon of water and a whole lot of bathroom breaks.  Generally, it is used for when you feel your weight loss is at a plateau, to detoxify and/or to start a new program.  In the end, over a belt size down and no hunger during the process.

Last week began phase 2.  The cleanse was a planned springboard for my new workout program.  Ever felt that you just didn't have time to work out?  Did you just skip it that day?  Did you ever let that stop you from going after that?  We all do it unless we are fiercely determined or on a show with Bob, Jillian and Dolvet.  That's when I saw 10 Minute Trainer.

Part of the idea here was the stacking your workouts.  Think about how one person, maybe yourself, would go to the gym and focus on 1 body part.  While holding that dumbell in your hand to do bicep curls, why not work another muscle or two.  Anyhow, it was a great first week of four and now starting the second week.  At the end, I will see where things go and, if I'm ready to ramp it up a bit more, possibly go to advanced series or stack the workouts.  As of now, I'm really thankful that I started this now and feel like I'm regaining a bit of myself.  I hope your next New Year's resolution is as fulfilling.

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