Thursday, February 25, 2021

And Let Them Run In Pairs

After losing Bella and Tulip, my wife and I were really needing the quiet.  We were able to go to a hotel, leave town and not have to make arrangements to do things.  But, we actually, didn't really go and do a whole lot.  We didn't just get away or make late dinner dates that would have kept us out all hours.  We are just in a different phase of our lives I assume... oh, and Covid.  But one thing was certain, we were going to stay dogless for awhile.  And when we finally do get a dog, it will be a single dog.

Yeah, that idea was fleeting after we brought Ginger home.  Love can be expressed in many ways.  Heck, I'm a touchy person and it would be unusual for you to see me out and about for more than 30 minutes without be holding the wife's hand.  For Ginger, it's a little needy and possessive but loving.  And that seeking attention, affection and stimulation had me wondering if she needed a sister.

What do you know?  A few days later Kerry sees a photo on the AHome4Spot Facebook page.  The dog, Bubblegum (which we think came from some being stuck in her hair when they found her) had similar fear issues and had seen her share of abuse.  Foster situations weren't working well for her and she was about to be moved to a new foster home.  The photo we saw was this one:

Weighing in 1 pound more than Ginger, this dog definitely screams cute.  And screaming was what Kerry did when she saw the photo on my phone.  We made the call.  We waited a few days and were able to arrange to see her.  Now, there was some trepidation.  She had run out the front door of a previous foster home, can be snippy if you try to comb her hair (but has never broken the skin), becomes very protective of those she bonds with where she might bark at you upon approach until she recognizes you and, lastly, she can bark when you raise a hand (sometimes even waving.)  But, that worry was overblown.  She is loving and cuddly.

We have some hurdles to overcome and I expect Cookie (yes, changed the name again) to be another source of joy for us.  She is possibly a better walker than Ginger.  It's been 3 days, now.  The girls get along very well (except when there isn't enough lap for them to sit in.)  I can actually say that the heart of our family feels really full in a good way right now.  I can't ask for anything more.

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