Monday, February 15, 2021

A Time Comes For All Paws

You've been there before.  Weeks, months or maybe years knowing that the end is coming.  For Tulip, it was a progressive slide  from thyroid issues, going deaf, dementia, possible blindness, balance issues to sleeping 90% of the day.  We treated every day as the last.  Often we would just check to see if she was breathing...which isn't sounding optimistic.

On January 5th, the dog that made me a better human and forever made me want to rescue other animals scared my wife.  I heard a shout from the living room and found Tulip going into seizures.  I tried CPR.  After what seemed like an eternity (but was probably 8 to 10 minutes) she stopped shaking.  We knew that it was time and that she wouldn't be able to survive another one.  All 3 of us went to say our goodbyes.

What we didn't understand is that having your surviving dog pass makes for an eerily quiet home.  You keep seeing reminders.  It is almost like you mourn the first dog, Bella, all over again while feeling guilty about how both dog's passing affected you differently.  All I know is that we gave, they gave us more than we could ever ask.  We must loved them all we could.

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