Thursday, February 25, 2021

9 Pounds Of Love


 There is something about the quiet moments in life.  Sometimes we yearn for them when the cacophony of daily life overwhelms us.  Other times what others would call a peaceful calm drives us crazy with the stillness around us.  I liken the last one to the sitting in a noise reduced room for a prolonged period of time where your breathing and heart beat are the only sounds... well, other than the voices in your head, right?

We've been feeling a lot of the latter.  A home where you are awakened by furry family members (no, not David) needing to go potty or wanting to eat.  One where you are greeted with licks and "hold me" looks.  With my work schedule changing randomly, I found too many of the quiet moments and started looking at rescuing a dog.

We started by going to an event on the other side of town.  Things have changed for animal adoption during Covid and many pets are being fostered away from a main facility.  So, a weekly "gathering" of these fostered pets allow you to see what little wet noses are available.  About a week after looking around, calling and meeting some dogs, Kerry saw a photo.  Well, this one:

As you can see in the photo, she loves sitting in the sun with a margarita in her paws (maybe not true as we have yet to see her indulge.)  Kerry's reaction was that we "have to call about her now!"  We did.  Arranged a Saturday meeting and asked to be put on the list to see her (kind of a new thing too.)  We were told she had fear issues.  And it was evident that she bonded with her foster mom.  So, that was Laren and in the end we didn't get Laren.

We got Ginger.  Ok, it was Laren but I have to tell you something.  Naming a dog is a personal thing and you want that connection.  They were also saying it like Lauren and that's just confusing as hell as we kept saying it wrong before even meeting her.  Our recent food experiments included a cauliflour fried rice (plus shrimp or pork) and the wife has found a new appreciation for ginger root.  So the word was there in Kerry's brain when we were meeting her.  She whined all the way home (Ginger not Kerry.)  But has really settled in.

We bought a bunch of throw blankets for her.  As we found out, her favorite way nap is to crawl under the blanket and roll herself up like a burrito.  This has led us to set a new ground rules for jumping on beds or sofas as there may be 9 lbs. of love beneathe you.  She is also a power walker.  Anyhow, if you wind up looking into pet adoption in the area, definitely consider AHome4Spot.  Good people and a provider of good new memories.

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