Saturday, May 14, 2022

Don't Fence Me In

 So, the hunt for a home is really on the wild side.  It is a seller's market which is good to be selling and the purchasing is a lot easier in Texas as it is in Nevada.  We found a lot of houses in the area we want to move.  Yet, it is a little speculative to be trying to buy something you haven't walked through.

We put our first offer on a place in Belton.  We decided to enlist our aunt and uncle in the area to check it out for us.  It is smaller than we were used to but it has a big big yard, a detached extra garage/workshop, tons of parking area and deer...yeah, deer walking around like it isn't anything special.

I mean, pretty cool, right?  We put an offer in and had a fighting chance for it but we pulled back last minute.  Why?  Well, there were a few problems.  It has no fence around the property (making our doggie door trained pups would be at risk), it also is just over 1,200sq.ft. and they have a single bathroom with a toilet that seemed like more of an afterthought as it was crammed in a corner.

Needless to say, we keep looking at what's available and know there is better but also want to time it with the sale of our home so we can use that for the downpayment.  It may require another trip.

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