Monday, April 25, 2022

A Wet Day At The Park

 Of course, another bit of odd timing with moving was that it came just as my brother Michael moved back to Vegas.  Which meant that the family was all together again for a short while...and now I announce I'm leaving.  But, we had a great day today!  Kerry and I spent the day with my nephew (name withheld to protect the innocent.)  He has a ton of energy and a good heart.

After hanging out with Kerry and the doggies, I took him to Acacia Park near the house.  It's a beautiful little place with a few places for dogs, baseball area, soccer area, slides, jungle gym and splash pad.  I've never seen anyone that excited about a splash pad.  The big plan was to let him wear himself out a bit but he met a few other kids that ran around with just as much enthusiasm.

We did dry him off before Michael came to pick him up but I'm so overjoyed to have a moment in time with this young man.  If he's anything like his parents, he's going to be a light that attracts many people.  It was a great way to say goodbye to the park.

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