Monday, October 25, 2004

Ending The Weekend With A Bang

Had a great time in Glendale, California. Had a minor cultural awakening at the wedding which was held at an Armenian church. What many people don't know is that children usually aren't allowed to attend. I believe this to be because it is a long ceremony and the reception can go well into the next morning. I didn't even make it past 10pm and they hadn't even cut the cake yet.

The drive back to Las Vegas wasn't too bad. Left a little bit after 8am and got in at 1pm. Of course, 2 hours after being in town I get in a car accident. It's always funny how after something bad happens you start thinking, if only I had second guessed myself somewhere to either not be at that spot at the time or to have taken that nap that seemed so attractive. Oh well, call it fate or destiny but it seems like I was meant to talk to my insurance agent and see an auto shop. No injuries other than pride (I hadn't had an accident in the last 6 years or so.) Better get some sleep so I can drop the car off in the morning and pick up a snazzy rental.

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