Saturday, October 16, 2004

Purposeful Procrastination

I've always been the type of person that waits until the last moment to do anything. Shopping for presents, finishing projects and even writing. Some just naturally happens that way but most of this I do on purpose. When it comes to shopping, I usually take a lot of that time thinking about the person and what they might like before shopping. Working on the Web site is pretty much comes in bursts when I have the time to put into it. And I actually save up all the news I acquire during the week (to be honest, I try not to look at the news too early either) until Monday when I type up the newsletter. The good thing about this is that I don't repeat articles by accidentally writing them more than once but sadly it does add to a few spelling errors. I also figure that if I focus on the task all at once, it will be more complete than a bunch of separate writings that may have missed something. Why, is this on my mind? Well, I'm writing my speech for my brother's wedding... which is tomorrow. hahaha

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