Thursday, October 28, 2004

Selling For The Sake Of Selling

One thing that people may notice about 80's Music Central is that I have a fear of selling things. You won't see too many ads up and when there is one it is because of much negotiation with the vendor. I have always held onto the motto: You don't sell ping pong balls on a golfing Web site even if they are the same size. Pretty much what that means is that if our Web site is only dealing with 80's music, I don't want anything advertized there that doesn't relate to it or an artist. Sometimes it just works out well. The negotiations I mentioned can be rather tricky. One record label recently offered several box sets from a major 80's act but wanted us to send email off to all our subscribers about the set. I like all of you am pissed at all the spam I get and would hate to hear that the newsletter is winding up in your junk folder because we sent out a separate email. See what I mean by tricky. But things will work out because I'm a pessimistic optimist. I just believe it will take longer. B)

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