Monday, October 03, 2005

Knit One, Pearl Two

It has been a great football weekend. This has got me thinking about football rivalries. Some people are just a bit more passionate about certain things and you can see that in the stands at some of these games. There are people that you just don't want to tell that you are a fan of a certain team because all you will hear from them in the future is about your team. Most of us actually like to have bigger conversations that "your defensive line couldn't fight it's way out of a paper bag" or "they have decided that your next pre-season will include a game with Bonanza High School, hope you don't lose that one" which are fighting words for any passionate fan. So, something about all this (which I see a lot at work) seemed familiar.

Politics. Partisan politics can bring out fighting words from anyone that is passionate about their views. Name-calling is nothing new but when you see one friend assaulting another over the 'war on terror' it's pretty bad. You hear the snide remarks in the news and can tell who not to talk about your political views with.

What I notice in common there are the fact that most often, these views are passed on from family. There are times when it will deviate on with both fandom and political leanings but most often these are learned practices. Dad is a fan of the Bills, Billy sits down and watches Daddy watching the Bills and is happy the Bills win because it makes Dad happy. The same thing often applies in families when a child hears that (insert party) is corrupt, evil or brain-dead. Impressions start young on both issues but it is interesting to see those that are obsessed with both football and politics... that's when you discuss knitting.


Fred said...

So glad you brought up football. Tampa Bay is 4-0. We're having fun down here right now. Let's hope it lasts.

If we could play the Dolphins every year, we'd have a great rivalry. Too bad that doesn't happen too often.

Bar L. said...

you are so right about this.

Fred said...

Yeah, Vavoom, we did. The instant reply was close; I didn't think it was enough to overrule the touchdown for the Lions.

Luck counts. We'll take it.

RT said...

Oh yeah, Fred? The Bengals are 4-0, too :p

I'm not sure why that's so important, but I'm told I have to be happy about it, lol.

I've noticed that about how kids are raised also, Martin. Politics wise, I find it kind of funny when someone fervently claims to be of one party, but when you get to talking to them about it, they are clearly the other.