Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween 2005

Ahhh, Halloween. It's over now but for just a few hours it was beautiful. As you can tell the house has changed and there is a bit more foliage in the entryway. The flash on the camera takes away from the two strobelights (you can see one in the photo without the flash on in the plants.) The little red light in the window is one of those fiery cauldrons. Also hidden in the bushes were a few sound boxes that work off remote control (up to 50 feet away) that make cat noises, screams and howls. I had my scary music with heavy bass playing in the living room with the window open and a CD player near the entry playing growling and howling noises. Oh, you can see the spiderwebs but can't see the bushes to the left where I put a human hand. Many people thought that I was going to jump out of the bushes. I also left the door partially shut so I could pull it open quickly for an extra scare.

Anyhow, no photo of me this time but I did the white pasty look with dark circles under my eyes and a goatee made of make-up. Maybe next year. Several children stood on that walkway and would not get any closer than a 4 feet from the door (they were young but I guess I looked scary.) I used the sound boxes to catch people on their way to the front door and on their way out. I had 3 people (between 14 to 16 years-old) jump back and fall on their butts in front of the door when I opened it. Not as much blood this year but it is amazing the panic that sound creates. At some point, I'd like to be able to shake the bushes and or pop out on the people but it's hard when you then have to go inside and get them candy. I've also come to the conclusion that I need to buy half cheap candy and half what I enjoy (usually Snickers.) This way if they come to the door not dressed for Halloween... yup candy corn or carmels. Dress up, Snickers.


Teri said...

I get at least 1 bag of candy Lloyd likes, I like and Josh likes and let the kids choose their favorite. That way if we do not get many trick or treaters we have left the good stuff. Your house looked good. If I was a little kid I would be terrified of your house and just skip it. Not worth the fear to get a piece of candy :) Now that I am grown up, how fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say candy?
We did just what you said. We bought different kinds. However I live in apoor area and there wasn't that many costumes going on.
Actually felt sorry that these kids now adays don't use imagination. I remember dressing up like a gypsy or a pirate by using things that we already had.

I bet you were scary!