Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thinking Of You?

Ok, I was reading a post by Miss Hobby and that's when I thought about it. I come up with tons of ideas that I'll either forget, not have the ambition to pursue or think are idiotic 48 hours later. So, I'm only 30 minutes in so bear with me.

Women, in general, desire to be wanted and shown attention. Not all of them want to be put on a pedestal or see love declared to them via a megaphone during a football game. Just the idea that someone thinks they are special does amazing things for self esteem. Actually, there both genders could use positive reinforcement. But, for some people that are in that iffy stage of their relationship and need to feel inspired or wish to how the significant other reacts to competition... there is the secret admirer. This person seems to spread smiles and rushes of blood to the cheekbones a good 95% of the time (because some aren't exactly that secret and make the skin crawl.)

I was thinking about it and why not have a professional secret admirer? Feeling down? Want to elicit gossip in the workplace? Want to give someone special a hint that you might not be there forever as a 'good buddy'? Why not pay a minimal fee to a service that sends endearing or erotic email, cards or letters? For an extra charge, get gifts delivered to your workplace or home. Sure, you would know you are paying for it but sometimes just the anticipation of mail can be thrilling let alone something saying that you are being thought of. Heck, this could possibly even work as a means to send those real secret admirer letters and gifts anonymously.

Yup, probably another one I won't pursue.


Anonymous said...

I was discussing this with a friend after having posted my desire for a secret admirer. She said when we're young we looooove the thought of a secret admirer. The little notes in lockers or on cars. It can be very cute.

But then she pointed out that now at our age, we call them

Martin said...

That's why I was thinking about that 5%. But you bring up a great point, just the idea of there being someone that has their 'eye' on you can probably give a negative reaction too because you are looking at all the people around you and wondering who is going to jump out at you.

Fred said...

Sounds like a great business opportunity for you, Martin. Why not pursue it? You're in the right town to give it a go, that's for sure.

Teri said...

Am I overthinking this? or is it just my self esteem talking?

By the way, yellow roses are my favorite, you know where I work ;)

Bar L. said...

Hmmm, You would be really good at this but you know what would happen? The women paying you to send them love notes would fall in love with you! I guarantee it. You'd have so many women you wouldn't know what to do with them all ;)

LoraLoo said...

Yeah, I agree with Layla. I think you'd be so convincing, that you'd have a whole lotta women stalking you, or their husbands beating your door down.

Besides all that, it is a very clever idea.

RT said...

Mmm... I'm thinking that either you guys have been watching way too many sappy movies, or maybe I'm just not 'romantic' enough... Because I find the idea of a secret admirer way too creepy.

Granted, I would probably keep the flowers, but I would disregard, and possibly fear, the sender. I mean, come on, a person who has feelings for you but can't say so in person? In this day and age? It's just creepy!