Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Life Update - 112205

I figured that it was time to update a few of my previous posts. After a long search and over $650 in auto rental fees, I have finally purchased a vehicle. Now, as you know, I was thinking of getting something older that I could avoid making payments on, something good on gas, something safe and something roomy. It was a hard choice but I got 3 out of 4. It's hard to drop down from an Isuzu Rodeo because in a smaller economy car you suddenly feel vulnerable. Heck, it's hard when you are used to looking over the little cars to be trying to look over the big ones. So I went with a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. I've never had a new car in my life. For some reason, I feel giddy as if I lost my virginity and want to tell the world. Well, maybe not tell the world but jumping-out-of-my skin-excited.

The new shift starts in about 2 1/2 hours and it should be interesting to see how they operate. Things change from early day to late night shift. I've heard it will be busy for awhile, slow for awhile and the odd calls from people needing condoms delivered to them. Emergencies happen, I guess. My major concerns will be how full the parking garage will be and getting off of work after midnight. I'm thinking of bringing some clothes with me so if I want to go have a beer before I go home, I can. Leaving work at 3pm and getting a beer made me feel like an alkie.

The neighbors have been pretty impressed with the letter (I should post that letter but I'll keep things timely) and we've all been talking about putting up those motion-sensor lights that I mentioned earlier. I've been looking at prices and talked to people about installing them... I think, I'll install mine if only to get it up in a timely fashion and it being there will urge their own done.

Lastly, remember my post about teachers and the age of consent? Well, I wanted to put a few good months in before I mentioned it again. My list there talked about then current cases against teachers. I was contacted by one person on the list and a childhood friend of one of the people on the list. Both wanted names removed as it seems you want to get rid of as much evidence of past indiscretions so some lives can start anew. I removed one because I wanted current U.S. cases and that case was in another country and resolved a year prior. The other stays because it imposes no guilt and only talks about cases, not convictions. But, this is a reminder for you to be aware that anyone might read or even respond to your postings.


LoraLoo said...

It is an adjustment going to a smaller vehicle - but I think you'll love the Tucson (I have a 2005). What color is it? I have the dark blue - the very color you have in the photo. I do sometimes miss my Dodge Ram, until I go to the gas pump (I'm spending less than half the $ on gas now). You probably know this already, but Karl is a Hyundai mechanic, if/when you ever need service.

Good luck on your first new-shift night!

Martin said...

I totally forgot that Karl does that, Lora. Hmmm... I need to keep that in mind when/if I need service. Actually, the reason I posted that photo is because it's the same dark blue. It's the GL, so it doesn't have the black bumper but it drives really nice so far. I also went with this one because I don't think I'll ever have a reason to use fog lights. Neat option if I do want to upgrade though. Crossing my fingers as I put my work shoes on and leave. B)

David Amulet said...

What's the mileage like on that? As I postyed a while back, I went ahead and got one of those so-called luxury SUVs last year ... only to get bitch-slapped with killer gas bills this year!

-- david

Teri said...

Wow, it is a brand new start for you.. nice new car and a new shift.

I use to like working swing shift.
Not having the bigwigs there at night made woking the swing shift much more relaxing than working the day shift.

Unknown said...

Yeah Martin its almost like you are starting a new chapter in your life. I loved the car by the way.

RT said...

Swing shifts are great! You have a good excuse for staying out all night, and sleeping late in the morning ;o)

The new car looks great! I'll be expecting a ride in it when I come out to visit, lol.

Oh wait. It's a new car. You have to take a road trip! You come here and take me for a ride in it!

Bar L. said...

OH!!! Hot Wheels! My current car was my first new car so I know the feeling...you want to drive all the time and it smells good and is so clean and no one else has ever done anything in your car...hopefully.

Good for you on the neighborhood watch! Not many people are willing to take actions these days, I'm impressed.

Good luck with your shift. I miss your posts! I thought of you this morning as I drove to work because a great old 80's song came on and dang it if I can't remember it now! I was going to write you about it, it was a real good one...It will come to me and I'll come back and tell you....I HATE it when that happens!

Ken said...

Martin, congrats on the new vehicle! I've heard a lot of great things about the Tuscon, and I know that Lora loves hers. Good luck on the new shift!

Fred said...

Nice new car. And, don't worry about having a beer at three. After school on Fridays, we're in by 3, and out at 5, when most normal folks come in to celebrate their weekend.

We just rationalize and tell ourselves we're being "efficient."

Anonymous said...

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