Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How The Cookie Crumbles

Today, I'd like to vent about one of my favorite treats... the chocolate chip cookie. The simplicity of the recipe helps those of us picky people that would like to make it at home ourselves. I know... you are wondering, "Why would you do that when there are those bags, boxes and cookie dough rolls staring at you when you are in the shopping aisles?" Well, that's easy. Control. You know exactly what goes in there. (And they taste better just out of the oven.)

My favorite example is the use of coconut and coconut oil in the pre-mixed dough. I really wish I knew why. I can taste it there and it becomes a coconut chocolate chip cookie to me. But, did you know that they sneak those items into your cookies often? I first discovered it after I bought some at 'Mal-Wart' and thought it was an aberration that coconut was used in it. But then I seen that it's in my favorite ice-cream, chocolate chip cookie dough. (Btw... it's been tested, that if you take out the cookie dough in the ice cream, it doesn't bake up like the real thing.)

So, I like to make them myself if possible (not often enough) and looking at each of the labels on the cookies that I buy. It's amazing what they try to sneak in there on you. Any surprise ingredients in your favorite goodies that you'd like to share?


Matt said...

I love chocolate chip cookies, but can't make them because I just don't have the knack. So, I'm forced to make due with brownies, because they aren't too hard to make. Stupid brownies.

Unknown said...

Ever hear of caramine or carmic acid? Its an additive to give things like ice cream a red color. Its also made by grinding up a certain type of beetle's carapace.

Bar L. said...

Martin! I was just craving a C.C.C. !

Oh yes, you are 100% right about making your own batch. I prefer mine with less chips than most people.

The yummiest thing is to make your own dough and then stick it in some vanilla ice cream.

Thanks for leaving me comments today!!!

Teri said...

I never noticed the coconut, I guess it must be a cheap filler.

I love making homemade cookies, I just don't seem to find the time these days(not to mention I am trying to lose weight). :)

LoraLoo said...

Gosh, I'm so busy looking at sugar and calorie content, I never noticed things like coconut in there.

I never buy chocolate chip cookies. I do make a mean one, if I do say so myself. I'm not much of a baker, but my Mom taught me to make those.

David Amulet said...

In the entire blogosphere, there are few truly original things.

But this may be one: a rant against chocolate chip cookies.

-- david

Ken said...

Ingredient lists often scare me, but like Lora, I'm often too busy reading the nutritional information labels to notice. Besides, I've recently re-discovered that my Mom makes great chocolate chip cookies! She made the Toll House Squares when I was a kid, and that's what I remember. They were good, but damn her cookies are fantastic. Amy and I can't keep them in the house because we'll eat them all in like a day.

Beth said...

How can anyone think anything beyond "COOKIE!"???