Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Revisiting Firefly

I'm pretty upset with myself. I've been easily distracted by my projects around me (and been sleeping as if for some reason my life depended on it) and not posted. I feel you deserve more than a quickie post.

I became hooked on Buffy The Vampire Slayer after the season (had to watch the early episodes in reruns to catch up.) Of course, an addiction to Angel followed. The way Joss Whedon creates a great cast of characters and brings them together is almost magical. That was why I was thrilled when his new series Firefly made its debut on Fox.

If man were to leave earth to colonize the outer planets, would the lawlessness and lack of authority create a modern day wild west in space? Would the planets be ruled by one body or remain independent? Take those questions and add proven character-driven writing, technological elements with a jolt of humor here and there... I'm watching. The series was amazing but ended before its time and before all the filmed episodes aired. Depression set in and I joined a mass of browncoats in a desperate fight to keep the show on the air... which failed. Several of the actors migrated over to Buffy and Angel as both of those series made their final bows. A comic book was released and then finally the movie Serenity was released last year.

I waited until recently to rewatch all of the episodes of the television series (including the unaired episodes and amazing extras) and last week finally viewed the feature film, Serenity. I would implore any of you to rent or purchase the series as it is enjoyable on many levels. Imperfections and all, these characters grow on you and it's amazing to feel that way after spending less than a season with them. Here's the theme song.

Seeing a show that you really got into bite the dust can change how much interest you put into other shows out there. So, what television series cancellation has most affected your TV viewing?


Beth said...

Baby, a quicky is just WAYYY better than nothing at all!

FantasticAlice said...

Well, pretty soon That 70's Show will be done for.

It reminded myself of how much I wish I were a kid again and wish I could change.

Bar L. said...

I am missing out on some good TV

Bar L. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I got my Pod working and I also left you a note in my post :)

Teri said...

The TV series that they cancelled that affected me the most was Pretender. I loved that show (it didn't hurt that the main guy was pretty cute too). They never tied up all the loose ends. They ended the series with more questions than answers.

LoraLoo said...

The cancellation of HBO's Carnivale really bothered me. They spent two fantastic seasons unraveling a story only to cut it short. I'm also still fuming about Reunion, only because I'll never know who did it.