Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day '06

Happy Father's Day to all that it applies to. Looks like I'll be joining my family at Lindo Michaocan (I probably mentioned the terrific Mexican restaurant to you before) to celebrate.

Went over to Dad's yesterday to help get his Tivo working (it had trouble getting an update but I think we have it fixed now.) It actually was a pretty good day. We made some chicken tacos, ate pistachio nuts and dropped off some flowers for someone he knows at the hospital. Sometimes, I do really miss living there at the house with him. It'll be 3 years since I moved into this house in about 2 months. I still can't believe that it took me moving in with him back then for me to me to understand him and consider him my friend. I guess as bad as some child-parent relationships can be, they can improve with time and maturity. I'll stop by his house on the way to dinner just to make sure we fixed everything yesterday and see if he wants a ride.

Meanwhile, yesterday I set up a new MySpace page. You see, I had one set up for networking and music information gathering but I had several personal friends that wished to keep in touch. So, I decided to to set up the new page but don't expect the little blog on there to overtake this one. Just a way to separate business and pleasure.


LoraLoo said...

Glad you had a good Father's Day with Dad. I agree that some child-parent relationships do improve with age.

I'm on my way to go check out the myspace page...

Ken said...

I think my relationship with my father has improved dramatically in the year that my folks have been living here. Before, it was always a quick phone conversation if he happened to answer the phone, with a quick handoff to my Mom as soon as she was available.

Yummy. Lindo Michoacan....mmmm...yummy Mexican

Fred said...

I spoke to Dad yesterday. I only wish he lived closer to me.

Glad you had a great day.

David Amulet said...

Good idea re: keeping MySpace secondary. With all the bad press it's getting, it may get shut down for bad behavior!

-- david

RT said...

MySpace is getting bad press? Man! I just signed up for it a couple months ago and I was hoping to be very popular over there, even though I've never said a word 8)

Oh Well.

Martin! I didn't know you were a Leo... Or did I? Leos rock!

(Ya know, I would like to be out there in early Aug for a double, maybe triple birthday party... and maybe a baby shower at the same time.)

??? Teri?

Anyway, it's cool that you've had the chance to see things through with your dad. (Isn't it amazing how your perception changes with time?) Cherish what you've learned, whether it be good or bad.

New White Keds said...

Marten, agreed, perception of parents changes with time. I think part of it is that we as the children learn to accept our parents for who they are and stop expecting them to be Ward Cleaver or Cliff Huxtable. That is why we are able to enjoy them for the flawed humans that they are -- just like us.

Took me nearly 30 years, but my father and I are finally on the same page. I am glad you had a good day with your dad.