Thursday, June 29, 2006

Walking In My Shoes

As I've mentioned before, I've been heading into the gym about 3 days a week. Pictured above are my running shoes. Notice anything funky about them? Probably not. You see for some reason, shoe manufacturers have this idea that we want shoe laces that can wrap around our ankles multiple times. (For some reason it reminds me of going skating as a kid.)

Usually, I tie them normally and tuck the bow loops (and anything that would drag on the ground) in next to my ankles. Sure, that's probably going to rub, chafe and cause problems but there isn't much else to do other than breaking out the scissors and tape. I just wish this was the problem with only this pair of shoes. It seems my tennis shoes and a few others have this problem. If I was running the shoe company, I'd probably say, "Hey, we are wasting money on laces... let's shorten them." Just one of life's oddities, I guess.


Anonymous said...

What I noticed is that your shoes are walking left-footed, are you left-footed Martin? I always figured you for a right-footed kinda guy.

LoraLoo said...

I have a pair of K-Swiss I wear for work that do the same thing, I have these giant loops when I tie them. What are these shoe companies thinking? Perhaps there are people out there that are double and triple tying them? Is that an OCD thing I haven't discovered yet? LOL

RT said...

So... What's so bad about sissors and tape? At least you know they fit... Or do you?

The other thing I noticed was that your shoes don't seem to be used... Have you actually used them yet, or are you using the laces as an excuse?


Martin said...

Bar - Yeah, I thought about it after I set them down to photograph. I figured it was unusual enough to make people think. B)

Lora - I could see quadruple knots in the future of some people.

Ken - Maybe it's the one-size-fits-all idea gone horribly wrong.

RT - They got a lot of use in the house (Tony Little's Gazelle) before going to the gym with me. Yes, they've been used. I just keep them clean. As for the scissors and tape... seems like a lot of work for a member of our "I want it now" society.

Teri said...

You can buy new shorter laces at stores like Target for less than a dollar. Why mess with scissors and tape?

Metal Mark said...

I noticed your shoes are very clean. I am a long time runner, but I run on dirt roads. After a few runs the dirt gets on the laces and weights them down so the long laces and they don't flap around as much.

Anonymous said...

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