Friday, June 16, 2006

Life Update - 061606

Remember several months back how I looked longingly at the gym being built just blocks away from my house? It opened... months ago and I've been timid about going in there. I think some of it is: If I wake up at noon-ish, is it better to go to the gym then or after work (1 am)? This and pure laziness have been on my mind as I pass the amazing complex daily on my way to work. So today I threw caution and calories to the wind as I walked through the doors with my trusty iPod. I had the tourist gaze working (stopping in the most inappropriate spot and heaving my head to and fro to take in my surroundings) as I made my way to the cardio area. After 45 minutes over there, I headed over to the weights for another 15 minutes. This is my new start. Now to create a habit of it.

I was also made aware by my neighbors that someone was shot while refusing to give up her purse across the street from my house... directly across the street. I heard a little bit about it yesterday as I was running off to work, getting the mail and talking to someone on the phone. So today, after the workout, I decided to get the whole story. The lady will be in the hospital for a week. I just worry about her 11 year-old daughter who saw the whole thing and is staying at her grandparents house with her brother until things calm down. When things do, I'd like to drop some food off or ask if there is anything I can help with.

Been eating healthier. My Tivo picked up a show on FitTV talking about the revamp of the food pyramid. So, I'm working on eating more carrots, peas, cantaloupe, whole grains, brown rice and smaller portions. So far so good. More Triscuits, less Pringles. More peanuts, less gummi/cinnamon bears. The hardest part will be working this into whatever is available to eat at work but so far, so good.

Mom's recovery is going well. It's amazing to listen to someone all your life and tell the difference between how they are feeling just by noticing changes in their voice. For so long, my mother has been going through health issues and after her latest hernia surgery her voice is perceptibly higher, lighter, livelier and ready the new day. I think Mom has rediscovered herself and this can only lead to good things to come. I'm extremely proud of her.


Fred said...

A shooting right across the street has to be a bit scary, no?

Glad your mom is doing well.

I've also started to eat better and exercise more. I could only do two push-ups when I started. How pathetic is that?

LoraLoo said...

A shooting right across the street? That is scary. I hope her daughter is doing okay, that had to be terrifying for her.

Glad to hear your Mom is doing so well!!

That's great you're going back to the gym. I know how hard it must be with your schedule to fit the time in.

Teri said...

I am looking to join a gym over the summer. My walking has been stalled because it is so hot outside. Gold's Gym has a special summer membership rate. I really like the one you joined, but the distance will keep me from going on a regular basis.
I am really glad you are actually eating healthier. I can't believe vegetables are something you have added to your diet.. way to go :)
I am also glad to hear mom is doing well.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear about your mom! That is absolutely wonderful news.

Not so good to hear about the shooting...yikes!

Martin, good for you for going to the gym and eating better. I am goint to try to inspire myself by reading about how great you do at your new goal! SO keep it up!

Unknown said...

Good to hear you are doing the gym thing again, I have watched a few shows on FitTV myself lately, some are good, some are hokey, and some are like those workout shows you used to see if you woke up real early on Saturdays before the cartoons started.

Anonymous said...

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