Thursday, January 04, 2007

Explaining And Apologizing For Episode 1

Just a quick little post as I feel that I have let my other projects get the better of my time. The podcast went better than expected (little flub in the opening music as it uses my microphone line to send the audio... bonehead that I was, I muted my mic thinking the sound would be better without me breathing in the background -- leaving about 15 seconds or so of dead air.)

I have figured out that to call in to the show, you will need to sign up for a free TalkShoe account. From there, when the show is running (on Saturdays from 3PM ET/Noon PT), you can call in on your cell or home phone (those with SJphone can use that also without dealing with long-distance charges... it seems that Skype started charging on the 1st) using the account information found by clicking the icon here:
Powered by TalkShoe

For those just curious and not really interested in hearing themselves on a live show, having few questions to ask or just not wanting to deal with that much technology -- I've put a new link on the right near the links that will let you hear the latest episodes of the show.

Meanwhile... the finale of our pseudo-series, Rock Star: Martin's Closet, will be the next post.


LoraLoo said...

I subscribed to the podcast this a.m.; the first episode was great!!

Unknown said...

What is this?! What's going on?! I'm so outta the loop!


Lucy Stern said...

Good luck with your new show and I will have to check out your link...