Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Information, Past Drives

It was 1990. I had just graduated from high school and was working at the photo lab (which I'd been working the graveyard shift at during school.) That was when I met Miss Michelle B. (Don't want to get any threatening email by using full names.) After setting me up with her college roommate failed, it was revealed to me that it was her attempt to keep me "off the market." She had a strained relationship with a boyfriend up in Reno and I was supposedly a temptation. Well, I did wind up being taken off the market but it was by her. Anyhow, she was finishing her school semester and had decided to join him up in Reno for the next semester but planned to first see her family in Mesa, AZ. I made a rash decision and drove to Mesa to stop her and tell her not to go. The whole trip, I listened to a new cassette I had picked up called Hack. I made it there and got a speeding ticket (that's a whole other story.) I spent some quality time with Michelle before leaving. Although I left believing she was coming back to Vegas, she still wound up going to Reno. (Which leads into my Reno story that I'll get into another time.)

Well, the next guest for the podcast has been confirmed. They just so happen to be the band that released that cassette titled Hack... the Information Society. So again, I'm excited to talk to another 80's act that holds important memories for me. There seem to be many of those but to see them return to music (check out their MySpace page) brings a grin to my face and the memory of my first drive out of state.


LoraLoo said...

OMG! How very exciting! I bought their self titled album (on cassette, of course) back in 1988. Love, love, love them. Looking forward to hearing the interview.

Lucy Stern said...

When do we get to hear the rest of the story about Michelle?

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Now see, I was singing GNR's "My Michelle" in my head during this post and then you have to love the way Hack turned into Info's like people tell me sometimes, wow, you may interviewing the next big thing and not know it. That's happened a couple of times. I'm sure you know how cool that feels.