Friday, February 08, 2008

Classically Martin: Thompson Twins: Close To The Bone

Usually I would just focus one of these posts on an artist. This time, I wanted to get more album focus here. Close To The Bone would be the first album by the Thompson Twins as a duo (Joe Leeway had left the band.) It really is an under-rated album with some great tracks. You may recognize one song here, "Get That Love," which got some airplay. I have a vivid memory of my purchase of this cassette as it was a clearance item at Woolworths (we used to have one and I think they closed shortly after.) I played it to death... and think it's in my cassette collection still. So for your entertainment, a few videos from Close To The Bone.

Get That Love

Long Goodbye

One can rightly question why the album (which also includes some great tracks like "Follow Your Heart," "Twentieth Century," "Perfect Day" and "Savage Moon") didn't fare as well when released in 1987. I would say that it was an early failure by record labels relying on the name alone to sell an album and using their money to promote other artists. Of course, we can see where that has led the industry. I digress as it is well worth mentioning that the album was produced by Rupert Hine and included work by the Fixx's guitarist Jamie West-Oram.


LoraLoo said...

Oooo I'm having issues leaving comments here too... trying a second time.

I enjoyed "Long Goodbye" most but they're both beautiful songs. I've never heard anything from this album before, I'll be checking it out!

Anonymous said...

it did very little in australia but it's brilliant,