Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Technical Stumblings

I think some of the technical goodies that Blogger has are sometimes fraught with issues. My one problem currently is that I can't see the visual squiggly code needed to give a reply. I'm not saying that I am visually impaired but it isn't coming up (leaves me with a little red X). Refreshing doesn't fix it. I attempted to even try clicking the part that has the handicapped symbol -- which I guess gives you an audio representation of what the letters are supposed to be. Anyhow, no go. Yes, it's happening mostly on Lora's blog but I'm sure that it'll spread.

Another technical issue that I'm dealing with is recording software. There is a great little program out there called Voice Emotion. It allows me to add sound effects and audio tracks (kind of like a little mixing studio) for Talking 80s Music. Of course, I paid for the program to give me all the other options which include live recording. Usually, this gives me the cleanest/clearest version of the show which I can edit down right after the show. It stopped recording at the end of the year. I've worked around it but the audio quality has slipped slightly on the show because of it. So, I thought I'd contact their technical support. They have a voicemail -- I left about two messages (several days apart.) I posted the issue in their support forum -- I was told a month ago that they would forward the question to a developer and to be patient. As you can tell, my optimism is fading there. Might have to figure out another recording option as I may be scheduling new interviews for the year. It makes my head hurt.

Update: Sometimes it's nice to get things out of your head and in linear form. It made me go pick up a program called Pamela Call Recorder. The recording of the show was simple and easy and it played most of my intro and segment music. Above all... better quality than Voice Emotion.


LoraLoo said...

We just can't have this! I turned off the word verification. :)

It's too bad the technical support for Voice Emotion isn't responsive. Technical support can make or break a software company (I'm assuming this is a small company, too).

Martin said...

Heya, hon. Do me a favor and keep the verification on. I've been talking to Blogger about fixing it and don't want you to have to deal with excess spam. B( I'll just have to go and post a bunch of replies when it's fixed. For some reason, my attempt to comment since you took it off, also was an error. Others are experiencing it, so I hope it is rectified shortly. B)

David Amulet said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I have had an odd problem for the past two months--EVERY time I try to log on for the first time after resetting my browser, Blogger gives me an error page. Then I try again, and it works just fine.

A huge disincentive to leaving comments. But here I am.

-- david