Friday, June 20, 2008

Scheduling My Life Away

I have noticed that one of my biggest issues in life will be scheduling. It is so bad that when someone asks me if I will be free to do something on a specific date... I usually hesitate, delay and ask for later notice. Why? Well, it could be that I tend to take my days and associate them with tasks. Some of those have become recurring themes (the newsletter on Monday and the show on Saturdays.) After seeing those blossom, I worry about creating other weekly obligations. Especially now that I have a family that need to deal with that.

When the newsletter started, I was writing it on Fridays after I got home from work (around 3pm until 8pm or so.) They were pretty short and my search skills and correspondence with labels was non-existent. As things got more intricate, I was spending more time on Friday night writing. There was a woman that I was dating around that time that wasn't able to deal with my self-imposed obligation as it looked that I put that ahead of being with her. When that ended... I called it a day and stopped the newsletter. But, I was still looking up the news for myself and that relationship was over so I decided to move it to Mondays (which didn't affect concerts and could be seen as the start of the week news-wise.)

Now, years later, I'm looking at Mondays and most of Saturday being scheduled away. On Saturdays, when I cover the news of the week... it's missing 5 days or so of recent news. Doesn't seem right. Also, the wife has Mondays off. I've been considering doing the newsletter on Fridays as there is less missing news when I record the show the following day. Even when it went out on Mondays, it didn't get there until later on Monday so it was something people got after work. Changing this would also give me time that I can go away and really relax during the week and possibly schedule an interview here and there. Much to think about in doing this but, I think it is for the perfect reasons this time.


LoraLoo said...

I almost always have to get back to anyone who asks when I'm free. I am really bad because I've always got stuff planned out so far ahead and then I can't keep track of it (despite all the technology I have to help me with

You'll make the right decision for you on the newsletter. Your readers enjoy it, whenever!

Fred said...

I'm no good with schedules. I hardly ever remember stuff unless The Missus prods me on the actual date.

It sounds like there's much to fit it, but it also sounds like you have enough flexibility to make it happen.

Unknown said...

Wow! At least one of is organized. I can't even tell you where my socks are! The only thing I do know is I come to work Saturday through Wednesday night and my son is in school from Monday through Friday. Thank GOD they send letters of days off and stuff because I have NO idea otherwise. Teach me your wise ways, sensei!

New White Keds said...

Great post, and I feel some of your pain... but my favorite part of it, my very favorite part of the post was "the wife has Monday's off..." The WIFE! Yay!!!!! Have I told you how happy I am for you?!?