Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Time To Put Things Away

You have to figure that there is a point in time that typewriter manufacturers either transitioned to a new line of business or closed up shop.  Knowing when you are fighting against the tide is important.  It's also important to know when the water is muddy, rising or throwing you against the cliffs.

The experiment is over.  On June 1 of this year, we initiated the Muze News project.  What we didn't tell you were the underlying motivations for the site.  It seems that the time was not right for a news aggregation site that avoided gossip, side-stepped conjecture and went right for release information.  You see, when an album comes out, there is a little dance between the artist, label and press.  First, a mention of the artist wanting to record a new album, work with a producer or finds inspiration in (insert event).  Second, articles pop up about the act in the studio, going into the studio, writing songs or a tour is announced.  Third, a month or season is floated to the press about the album (like "hopes to release the as-yet untitled album early in 2013".)  Fourth, a song is debuted, a single is selected or video is filmed.  Fifth, a single is released.  Sixth, the new single is performed on one or several TV shows or radio shows with interviews.  Seventh, a second single is mentioned with a release date.  Eighth, the album is given a name and a month is mentioned for the release.  Ninth, the album release date is released.  This kind of keeps going on through each single being released abut the album comes out.  Often, it can be jostled.  But, notice that just up to that point, there were 9 different ways to mention the artist's new album before it even came out.  We just cut to the chase:  New single coming out (insert date), new album (insert date) and new video (insert date.)  The more mentions an artist has in the press, the more interest you have in their product when finally released.

Now, we did also mention artists passing away and there is a good reason.  It often goes unreported.  As often the release dates sometimes get lost in the babble out there.  Why do I say babble?  When an artist calls another artist out, slaps another artist, flips off a crowd, moons a crowd, gets arrested or countless other things that do not relate but get them mentioned in the news.  We hoped to prove the populace was ready for something other than the TMZ style of reporting music information.  Seems to be a wrong assumption.

Much thanks to all those who have supported this project, have been visiting the site and have let others know about it.  The way we interact is as important as the way we get our news.  As with the typewriter manufacturers, one needs to know when to look for the exit.  Because, there is bound to be a word processor or a computer just a few generations away that can do the job more effectively.

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