Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2

Today we slept in.  In fact all of the day before we just stayed around the house to minimize issues with needing to run off to the bathroom or not have to adjust our eating for the people around us.  Noticed a few slight differences in the mirror around chin and abs but both of us felt noticably lighter.

We had breakfast at 8am.  Our green tea followed out chocolate Shakology mix.  Headaches persisted but wasn't debilitating (well, for me) but hers gradually went away.  We decided to run some errands and move about a bit.  Took the dogs to get shots and then went shopping.

At 11am, we had our snacks -- her a banana and I an apple.  We then headed off to run a few more errands and a little more shopping.  It was around this time that my headache went away just before returning to make lunch.

Due to our late rise and an inevitable later dinner, we decided to cut 30 minutes out here and eat lunch at 1:30pm.  Since it is the lightest of the meals, it would be the easiest to cut back.  She had her chocolate Shakeology and I opted for greenberry (made the same way.)  We followed this with our green tea.  We stayed in from here on out watching television.

At 4:30pm, we had our next Shakeology and both opted for chocolate.  We chased that with 14 raw unsalted almonds each (about half a serving.)

Stomachs began to growl again by 7:30pm (but that had been absent for quite some time.)  Again went with the same dinner but decided to bake the chicken instead of grilling to see the difference.  Still an amazing meal that I can look forward to each evening.  I am starting to think that the cleanse subconsciously has you looking forward to a salad every night.  I can't think of any better way to train a brain to re-think dessert.  I have also learned to try to drink my gallon of water earlier in the day than later as it can seem overwhelming if you forget.

Overall, a great day.  More energy than Day 1 and it made us confident that we can accomplish some regular activities at the same time.  Some, but not all activities.  At this time, both of us are free of headaches, full and feeling pretty darn good about ourselves.  We are eagerly anticipating Day 3.

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