Sunday, November 25, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Shakeology Cleanse: Day 3

Slept amazingly well again.  The 3 day cleanse may be a perfect thing for insomniacs.  Woke up about 15 minutes until 6, made our green tea and Shakeology mixes.  I also took a long look in the mirror.  A little leaner in the face and mid-section but also a lot more energy.

Wife had a banana and I had an apple as our 9am snack.  Just in time to get ready for some football.

We returned from running some errands (after deciding the football game wasn't going to go our way) just in time for lunch at noon.  She had a chocolate and I again went with greenberry for our Shakeology mixes.  The reason I decided to change things up around lunch was I felt that I needed to break up the chocolate taste as... I really haven't had a craving for chocolate since taking Shakeology.  We both topped it off with our green tea.  We then took the dogs for a walk.

At 3pm we had our final chocolate Shakeology mixes of the cleanse cycle.  Left out a piece of ice to see if it helped or hurt the taste but found it didn't affect it much.  Also had our half-serving of almonds.  Decided to watch a little television.

I love the way that I am excited about our final meal of the night.  I can't really describe it.  Well, I can (it's the same spinach, romaine and chicken breast salad mentioned previously) but what I mean is the anticipation.  I even told my wife that I would be happy having that with her for dinner here and there because it just leaves you feeling satisfied.

All our water is gulped and, yes, the need to pee is strong.  One of us spent more time in the bathroom than the other one and figured that we really had that much more junk in our system to 'cleanse.'  Tomorrow should be an exciting morning.  Back to putting bananas and peanut butter in my shakes.  But I really love how I am feeling right now.  A summation will follow tomorrow.

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