Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Post-Thanksgiving Shakeology Cleanse Post

I saw some positive gains here... well, let me say, losses and gains.  I don't have a scale, don't plan on using measuring tape even though some may really may like doing so.  I definitely lost a few pounds and could see definite improvement in many areas.  I can the sides of my abs (pre-six pack) and a thinner jaw/chin.  Looks like I am also down a belt size.  Can't wait to see a blood test next year.  I have gained a lot of knowledge about hunger and nutrition and how a body can be satisfied with so little.

My vet told me once that the problem with my dog eating her poo was that certain nutrients weren't being absorbed in digestion and she was now seeking it and any other unprocessed items there.  Shakeology is nutrient dense.  It's so dense that there was no hunger during 3 days of these 5 eating times.  But, what do people not getting those essential nutrients do?  Some may skip breakfast or eat a large one.  They may flip that scenario around for dinner.  They may eat crap all day.  My son mentioned to me today that he sometimes eats because he is bored.  So, if you aren't getting the nutrients... you are doing what my dog does -- searching for nutrition and eating crap to fill the void.

My assessment?  I'm sick of eating crap for no reason.  Meals should mean something.  Eat to live, don't live to eat.

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