Friday, April 22, 2022

Hennessy Clearing House


Very busy.  It just so happens that our HOA community has their only designated date for yard sales this week.  Of course, this is great timing as we are looking at things and wondering... do we want to bring this all the way to Texas with us?  That is the case with this futon.  We printed some photos and put it on OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace but I guess I'm not too worried about how it ends.  Kerry has been dying to move on from our sectional, the treadmill and dining table.  We are listing things individually and letting people know to come and get it during the garage sale.  Kind of like reeling in extra customers.

The home walk through went well.  I started guess my trying to drain the water heater wasn't the best idea because the sign of some water here at the bottom of the pan got them concerned.  This was an updated photo he asked me to take to ensure it wasn't leaking.  Crazy thing is that ever since then, the pipes started squeaking.  I heard it could be air bubbles in the tank that need to be released etc.

Speaking of water, I got a few texts talking about excessive water use.  I'm hoping that Ryan Reeves isn't at my door.  Seems like spam or they would just call or write.  Very strange.


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