Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Equilibrium Obsessive

Do you remember when you were younger how you'd come across a checkerboard tile floor and decide only to step on the black squares? Little games like that in life definitely created some break in boredom. Just like trying to walk in even steps but to not step on the breaks in the pavement. I've noticed that maybe I haven't entirely grown up. I notice that tend to do the same playing with those little licorice bites that I like. I'll try to chew the same amount of the same flavored licorice on each side of my mouth. Kinda weird. Only noticed it recently but then again, I remember a few years ago they had that licorice that was made up of 9 individual strings. I would either eat one whole one on each side of my mouth, cut one in half for each side or 4 strings per side with the last one cut in half. I think it's a disorder of some type. Someone needs to research it. I don't do that with raisins, peanuts or anything else I can think of. Although I do have a thing about eating the least liked jellybeans from a bowl (usually that's the greens or the black ones) to try to even out the consistency.

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